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Before venturing out on your next great camping trip there are certain items that you will need to research. The first is where you are going to stay while you are camping. You can choose to rough it out in the wilderness in a tent or cabin, or you can see about the accommodation to be had in a camper rental. And one great reason for renting a Camper if you are approaching retirement age is to test it for a couple of weeks (especially being in confined spaces) before a major trip that may take months.

There are various different types of camper rental accommodations available, including one-way hire with some companies. Check out what facilities and services are available, and if you need a special driving licence and / or insurance. You should make sure that you understand the full cost of these various facilities; be especially careful to read the small print. In addition to costs, check if any Bonds are required upfront. When you look through the different camper rental accommodations you may want to see what details you can get from their brochures and any web sites which they may have. Also, consider your own special needs - for example, are there small children travelling that may need booster seats? Do you need showers or do you prefer to use site showers?

While finding a great place to stay is important, you also need to find out what sort of activities you can participate in. These will vary depending to the camping site that you are staying in. Just be sure that you choose activities that are of interest to you; in particular, remember that if children are confined in the van for hours of travel, they need space and activity on arrival. The choice of activities is part of the reasons why a camper rental can be a great place to see about booking a holiday.

For many people finding good accommodation in or near the area where they are camping means being prepared to hunt around for quite a while. This can be especially so if you are looking for pet-friendly accomodation, or if you are a smoker. Be aware that if you do smoke in a rented camper van you can be charged a hefty "deodorizing fee." You can avoid these dilemmas by checking the camper rental agreement very carefully. Often the internet is a great source of information about camping sites which have different types of accommodation for visitors. Also, check what "housekeeping items are included - cooking pots and pans? Crockery? Towels and bedding?

If you are planning on having an extended camping holiday then you will also need to think about what sort of weather conditions you will encounter. You will also need to have a place to stay which there is ample room. This way when you need to stay indoors due to inclement weather, you will still be comfortable. Also, the longer the holiday, the more certain you need to be about customer support; if your camper rental does break down, what arrangements does the company have in place. Disaster recovery plans are much better if made before you set off :-)

As you look at the different camper rental accommodations which are available you will need to decide what features are necessary for your vacation. Since you will be staying here for a significant portion of your time then getting a comfortable well equipped camper rental is vital.

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